The Rectory Bed and Breakfast was established in the former rectory of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Belle Plaine, Minnesota.
All though the church is gone the former Rectory still stands in its stately grace. The Rectory was built during the arts and craft movement in 1919. It features an exterior of Chaska brick with and inner brick wall of Belle Plaine brick and beautiful original maple hardwood floors that were milled in Belle Plaine. The interior woodwork shows the detailed craftsmanship of the arts and craft period.
We have three themed suites, The Cottage, The Garden Suite and The Northwoods Suite that can accommodate 8– 10 people in comfort.Our beautifully landscaped outdoor grounds are set up for weddings, family reunions and group functions.

We are only an hour from the cities, yet far enough to appreciate the -
                 " Solitude on the Prairie"
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